The Rise Fulfillment Network

From Restaurant Supplies to General needs. We provide responsible solutions

This is how we do it...

How the Network is built?


It's built by you. If a product you need is not currently within our Network, please complete and submit a "Rise Fulfillment Product Request" form and let the Rise do the rest. Rise is committed to fulfilling your product needs, and we do so by continually adding the products you request. 

After request are submitted...


Rise Processors will reach out to the local businesses within within The Bay to secure the availability, lead time, and price of the the requested item. You will be contacted with that information, and that item will then be added to the Rise Network for all to purchase.

How do you get the product(s)?


After payment and confirmation, your product(s) will be "Door Dropped" by a Rise Fulfillment Associate (RFA) based on our Fulfillment Schedule, to the address you specify. Please make us aware of any special instructions to help us reach "Full Fulfillment Status" of your product(s).

What if there's an issue with product along the way?


Please download, complete and submit a "Return Item Request" from our "Rise Forms" section to email to, or hand off the completed physical form to any RFA to be followed up with as soon as available. 

What if I would like to share my product with the Network?


We would want nothing more than to share that opportunity with you! We are rooted in efficiency and foster growth through support. Please complete a "New Local Vendor Request" form and submit it to be processed. A Rise Processor will reach out to help secure you within the Network when available.

Our Next Step


Our next step is to bring fair market value, to you, the consumer. How do we do that? By continuing to build a system of accountability through a Network of small and local business, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, end users, and consumers alike. Let's all work together, and keep it on the Rise!